About Us

About Us

The Cole Group partners with clients who resonate with our primary purpose—to bring positive change into the world around us. Thus our events are designed to foster optimism along with any necessary paradigm shifts. Our keynote presentations seek to transform. And our athlete development program mentors for the second career every athlete must plan for. We offer experience orchestrating events pivotal to developing the potential of youth and improving the effectiveness of philanthropic endeavors. President/CEO Colin Cole draws upon the rich history of his NFL career. His wife, Kaye Williams Cole, provides insights from her background in counseling. And Mary Paterson complements the group with her background in education and event planning.

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Services We Offer


Event Specialist

We offer experience organizing all kinds of events. From football camps and golf tournaments to dinners and galas, you’ll find our team puts together outstanding experiences. We do this by embracing your company culture and encouraging your active participation in the planning process. This ensures our events compliment their purpose.

keynote speaking

We offer tailored keynotes so the outcome you most want to see from your event occurs. We believe motivational speaking must deliver more than a momentary high. Your audience should walk away ready to take life-changing action. You can expect focused and engaging content—presented with your target audience and goals in center place.

athlete development

We help career athletes develop life strategies because your athletic career should be the beginning of a meaningful life. We’ve seen too many athletes struggle with identity loss when injury or age ends a sport’s career. What wasted energy. We help athletes learn to package the qualities they learn from their sport for a career they remain passionate about.

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